First Thursday Speaker Series


The First Thursday Speaker Series occurs on the first Thursday of most months. The program takes place at 7:00 pm at the Cowlitz County Historical Museum, unless otherwise noted.

Admission is free.

Join us for February’s First Thursday Speaker Series at 7pm Thursday, February 2. This event will be live at the Museum at 405 Allen Street in Kelso OR on Zoom (Call us at (360) 577-3119 for Zoom link information)

Marin Fox is the Cowlitz County Director of Corrections and has over 23 years of experience in corrections. She was hired as a Corrections Officer in 1999 and was promoted through the ranks holding the positions of Sergeant, Juvenile Detention Manager and Corrections Programs Manager before being promoted to Director in 2008. She was raised locally in Rose Valley and has a Bachelor of Arts from The Evergreen State College. When Marin is not in jail she enjoys working out, dining out and spending time with her daughter Lucy.

To view past First Thursday programs, please click the links below:

Annual Membership Gathering & Cowlitz County Historic Preservation Commission Presentation – November 13, 2022
Museum Director Joseph Govednik and Board President Nick Fazio share some of the accomplishments this year and future endeavors at the Museum, followed by a program featuring Joel Rupley and Harve Williamson of the Cowlitz County Historic Preservation Commission. Joel and Harve speak about past and recent works of the Preservation Commission, including the Cowlitz Trail Corridor and Historic Inventory Projects. Three short films created by Historic Commissioner and Museum Curator, Bill Watson, featuring the Cowlitz Trail Corridor, were shown at the end of the presentation.
Annual Meeting – Full Program
Short films from this program listed below

Please enjoy these short films produced by Historic Commissioner and Museum Curator Bill Watson on behalf of the Cowlitz County Historic Preservation Commission.
Wilkes Expedition on the Cowlitz
Edward Jay Allen’s travels from the Lewis River to Monticello
Early descriptions of the Military Road through Cowlitz County, 1855-1873

The Yearbook Project – October 6, 2022
Jerry Kelly, a Life Member of the Cowlitz County Historical Society, presents the High School Yearbook Project. Over the past decade, Jerry has scanned all the available yearbooks in Cowlitz County. The scans include the cover, staff, teachers, and 9th-12th grade. Enjoy learning more about Jerry’s process for gathering and developing this image database of our local school graduates and staff.
Yearbook Project

Industrial History at the Reynolds Aluminum Plant – September 1, 2022
Kristin Gaines of Northwest Alloys and George Winn of Cowlitz County Building and Planning share about the history of the Reynolds Longview facility during this First Thursday program, a Zoom/In-Person hybrid.
Reynolds Aluminum

71 at 71: Bike Ride of a Lifetime – June 2, 2022
On July 23, 2021, Jim LeMonds and Bob Horness rode 71 miles of single-track in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest to Celebrate their 71st birthdays. Jim shares about this once-in-a-lifetime event during this hybrid Zoom/in-person program.
71 at 71: Bike Ride of a Life Time

“All For the Union” Civil War Letters Book – May 5, 2022
Local author and Civil War Historian John Simpson shares about his book, “All for the Union: The Saga of One Northern Family Fighting the Civil War” during this hybrid Zoom/in-person program.
All for the Union

A Glimpse of Cowlitz County Postal History – March 3, 2022
Author and postal history enthusiast Ted Gruber shares his research in “A Glimpse of Cowlitz County Postal History” during this Zoom presentation.
A Glimpse of Cowlitz County Postal History

Vestiges of the Iron Curtain landscape photos – February 3, 2022
Longview photographer and artist Hans Schaufus shares his “Vestiges of the Iron Curtain” landscape photos of East Germany taken between 2006 and 2014.
Vestiges of the Iron Curtain

Staff Picks for 2021 – January 6, 2022
Cowlitz County Historical Museum staff share their top picks from items that came into the collection during the year of 2021 in this Zoom presentation.
Staff Picks: Our favorites from 2021

Cemetery Tour Program – May 6, 2021
Cowlitz County Historical Museum staff share Cemetery Reenactment videos of local individuals who died during the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic in this Zoom presentation.
Spanish Flu whole program
     Fern Master Segment
     Vern Pea Segment
     James Catlin Segment
     Hazel Beck Segment
     Mary Shult Segment
     Alfred Wright Segment